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On a single day, you might find Jason winning a listing appointment, darting out to manage his award-winning brokerage then closing the day marketing his local gym and trying to surpass his last deadlifting goal. There is no stopping his passion.

One thing stays true no matter what lane he’s in - He’s winning all day because of the habits he’s studied and put in place to make his days run smoothly. This entire website is full of knowledge, tips, and tricks to help you excel in your life too.


3 Ways to Quickly Grow Your Real Estate Business

So you’re a real estate agent and you want to grow your business, and you want to grow it quick. Long term, this would just be part of building your business, but you’ve decided, “Hey, I need some transactions right away. I need to help some folks right away.” What are the best strategies for you? Go after [...]

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How to Hire the Best Talent

Two things I look for when recruiting talent or let’s say in an interview, for anybody, whether it’s an actual real estate agent, or somebody who’s wanting to be on the staff of the company. But two things I’m always looking for is number one, how big is their why? And do they have real clarity on it? Do [...]

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Service is the Key to Success

Prior to getting into real estate, I owned a company called Youth Entertainment Services. The first letter of each of those words is Y-E-S, so yes. Imagine that, FresYes, and then Youth Entertainment Services, so kind of part of how I came up with the name of FresYes. What I did for Youth Entertainment Services is I provided a [...]

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